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The Real TITANIC experience

A 100% exact copy of the ship the TITANIC, completely rebuilt according to the original drawings.

A 100% faithful reconstruction including steam engines, a TITANIC REPLICA as a museum, towed from one large port to another.

Within the international territorial waters, the completely authentic rebuild Titanic cannot travel under its own power, because of the steam engines, lack of modern navigation and safety standards etc.

Therefore, the TITANIC completely rebuild to its original state will be towed by tugboats. Outside the international territorial waters, other laws apply that allow the rebuild ship to travel under its own power without passengers and under the command and guidance of, for instance, the Navy. The sole purpose of the ship will be a museum and not a hotel etc.

This e-mail is on 10 November 2012 on behalf of Stichting Replica TITANIC (Foundation Replica Titanic) the historical claim of the Titanic replica as museum plan.

All profits will be in favour of the Blue Peter Foundation that follows HRH Prince Willem Alexander in his World Wide Water Awareness campaign.

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